The SSA (Stichting Studiereis Astatine) is a non-profit organization that organizes a bi-yearly trip to an international destination. The goal of the trip is to explore the culture, and the educational and career opportunities of the destination.

This year the destination will be Singapore and Malaysia and the trip will take place in the summer of 2022! During the trip, we will visit high-tech companies, institutions, and universities.

The participants of the SSA consist of a group of 23 students of the University of Twente in the Netherlands, who are predominantly members of the Study Association Astatine. S.A. Astatine represents the students of the bachelor Advanced Technology and the master Nanotechnology. Both programs are multidisciplinary, technical programs that are thought entirely in English.

All participants help to organize the trip by being part of a committee and doing case studies for companies to secure sponsoring.

The theme of this year’s trip is 

Nano Island & Macro Country

In preperation for the trip the students will follow a course (5 European Credits), which covers the macro, meso and micro aspects (hence the theme) of the respective countries. The course consists of lectures, excursions and assignments to get more acquinted with the culture, economics, politics and more of Singapore and Malaysia well in advance.