Bridging Disciplines, Connecting Cultures

In the summer of 2024, 18 enthousiast students of the study Advanced Technology, from the University of Twente, will travel to Chile and Argentina to explore the culture, and educational and career possibilities!

The theme of the trip is Bridging Disciplines, Connecting Cultures.

We are looking for cases in order to finance our study trip. Read more about it below.

Working with us


The SSA 2021 group consists of 18 students from the University of Twente, each bringing their own expertise, interests, and preferences.

This diversity results in a broad skill set that can be utilized for various assignments, including programming (Java, HTML, C++, Python), proficiency in various software tools, computer-related knowledge (general skills, architecture, algorithms, networking), electronics, mathematics, design, physics, chemistry, biology, and scientific skills.

For the full comprehensive list of skills, please refer to this page.

Work procedure

If a company is interested in our offer, we first schedule a non-binding appointment. During this meeting, we can assess whether and how we can mutually benefit each other. If there is a project or inquiry that aligns with our services, discussions will take place regarding the exact scope of the project and the expected deliverables. Following that, we will provide an estimate of the required hours. If you decide to proceed with our services, we will then enter into a contract to ensure clarity on the agreed-upon terms.

Additionally, we will establish agreements on the detailed execution of the tasks and, for instance, updates on the progress—all of which will be done in consultation with the company.

The hourly rate for working on the case is 30 euros excluding VAT. Based on practical experience, most cases from the SSA have a scope ranging from 30 to 300 hours. Prior agreements are made in the form of a contract, outlining details such as an estimate of the number of hours to be allocated.

If this has sparked your interest, you can reach us at:


Case examples

Below, a couple of examples of casework are given:

  • Designing floor tests for a company that realizes many warehouses and was looking for a floor type for it. The students working on this case researched different test designs, wrote scripts for different tests, and reported on the results.
  • Making a technical design for a company that was looking for a good construction for a sunblind system.
  • Researching the applicability of small-scale hydrogen filling stations. This research consisted of three parts: the production of hydrogen, the transport of hydrogen, and a market analysis.

These are just some examples. Don’t hesistate to contact us if you have any questions about your case.



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