In the summer of 2022, 23 enthousiast students of the study Advanced Technology, from the University of Twente, will travel to Singapore and Malaysia to explore the culture, and educational and career possibilities!

The theme of the trip is Nano Island, Macro Country.

Corporation possibilities

Work procedure

If this has triggered interest in a possible corporation, we would love to discuss the possibilities over a cup of coffee or tea, in real life if possible but also online when we can. During this appointment, the specifics of the case the expected output will be discussed,

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The SSA consists of a group of 23 students from the University of Twente. These students have different skills and interests. All participants have followed the Bachelor Advanced Technology and are pursuing a Master or are still studying Advanced Technology. Advanced Technology is a very broad technical bachelor that contains courses in the area of physics, chemistry, and electronics.

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Examples of cases

Multiple examples of cases can be found on the ‘companies’ page or by clicking the link below

Recent Cases & News

Visualisation animation Advanced Technology

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlVeJzN9urwTo give potential new students a better insight in what the bachelor Advanced Technology at the University of Twente has to offer an animation was commissioned. In this short animation the content of the study is visualized in an appealing and understandable way.The animation consists of 2 and 3 dimensional aspects. The 2 dimensional animation […]

Feasibility study olivine for CO2 reduction

During the past months, there has been worked on a case from Mesa+. The goal of this case was to do a feasibility study on the usage of olivine for carbon dioxide reduction in the atmosphere. Olivine is a mineral which has the capability to take up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This reaction can […]

Database lens care products Menicon

The SSA has collaborated with Menicon. Menicon is a manufacturer of so-called made-to-order contact lenses and these products fall under the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). The MDR is a new ruling, introducing stricter requirements on a wider scope. In the instruction for use (IFU) this means that the manufacturer has to dictate the advised care […]

Interactive study guide

Due to Covid-19 restrictions physical open days at Universities are limited, thus less interactive. To engage potential new Advanced Technology (AT) students more with the program of AT an interactive version of the studyguide was commissioned by the staff of AT. In addition members of the SSA updated the current studyguide to make it more […]