In the summer of 2022, 23 enthousiast students of the study Advanced Technology, from the University of Twente, will travel to Singapore and Australia to explore the culture, and educational and career possibilities!

The theme of the trip is Nano Country, Macro Island.


Corporation possibilities

Work procedure

If this has triggered interest in a possible corporation, we would love to discuss the possibilities over a cup of coffee or tea, in real life if possible but also online when we can. During this appointment, the specifics of the case the expected output will be discussed,

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The SSA consists of a group of 23 students from the University of Twente. These students have different skills and interests. All participants have followed the Bachelor Advanced Technology and are pursuing a Master or are still studying Advanced Technology. Advanced Technology is a very broad technical bachelor that contains courses in the area of physics, chemistry, and electronics.

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Examples of cases

Multiple examples of cases can be found on the ‘companies’ page or by clicking the link below

Recent Cases & News

December Update

As a group, it all started 3 months ago. The board had formed, the partic-ipants and the destination were chosen and the academic year started. Reason enough to come together as a group for the first time. Most of us did recognize each other, since we all have been around Astatine in the past few […]

November Update

Our last weeks have been in the light of the current CoViD-19 virus. A couple of weeks ago the Australian government annoucned their upcoming strategy in the combat against the CoViD-19 virus. The idea is to have the borders closed up to the very end of 2021 and if that would become reality, we would […]

October Update

In September the SSA (Stichting Studiereis Astatine) officially started and with this we want to give you an update on the current status of the SSA.  The Organisation The SSA is a non-profit organization with as goal to organize an academic trip every two years. The trip is totally organized by the students themselves and […]

Livestreaming Bachelor Ceremony

The first case has been accomplished by the SSA! Thijs & Xander have provided the study with live streaming the graduation ceremony for bachelor students. Due to Covid-19 regulations attendance was limited. However, by live streaming the event an unlimited amount of people where are able to ‘digitally’ join the ceremony via the platform of […]