Welcome to the SSA’s temporary website! Here, you can find information about the SSA itself, the destination, the committees and how to apply.


The SSA stands for Stichting Studiereis Astatine, and, as such, is the association for Astatine’s Study Trip, organized once every two years. It is a trip to a destination outside Europe with ~25 participants joining. The trip generally lasts 3 weeks, with excursions to companies and universities forming an important part of this time. Participants also generally work on a research project connected to the theme, for which they get 5 EC.

The destination for the current edition of the Study Trip (Summer 2019) is South Korea. The theme is Ancient Culture, Advanced Technology.

South Korea

South Korea is a country in Eastern Asia reputed for its huge technological advancement in the last 60 years. Since the Korean war, it has gone from a small, underdeveloped, farming-based economy to the 11th biggest GDP in the world, largely due to its booming semiconductors industry.

Geographically, it has a warm, humid continental climate, the undeveloped land mostly occupied by forests and wetlands. It is only slightly bigger than the Netherlands in area.

The board

The Board

From the left: Yannik Wotte (Chairman), Cham Bustraan (External), Bas Koster (Treasurer), Christophe van der Walt (Secretary)

The committees

There are four committees within the SSA you can apply for.

Application information

So, do you like to travel? Are you motivated? Do you like to work in a group? Do you want to have case experience?

To apply, send an email to board@ssa-ut.nl with the following before the 8th of April:

An interview will follow, and participants will be announced early in the 4th quartile