The Acquisition committee takes care of all public relations to companies and research groups and next to that organizes excursions. The acquisition committee arranges case studies and other assignments. The members of this committee are listed below.

Cham Bustraan

I've always had an urge to explore and see the world around me in an attempt to satisfy my inquisitive mind.
Arguably, this due to the fact I have lived abroad during my forming years. While I am the son of entirely dutch parents I was born in Cambodia, moved to Indonesia at the age of two and lived there until I came back to my fatherland for the university at the age of eighteen. As a result, I have grown up in a position gaining first-hand insight into Dutch and Indonesian culture but missing a few aspects of both.
I enjoy asking questions, getting to the heart of an issue or fully grasping a new concept. I am fascinated by what people have achieved throughout history but at the same time I seek to build upon those achievements and expand the frontiers of technological possibility.
This is what drives me to participate in this trip and find the edge of possibility in the field of sustainable energy.

Romek Nijland

Hi, I am Romek Nijland, I live in Saasveld, I'm 21 years old and I love to travel. Other hobbies of mine are Music, playing sports and cooking dinner. I am really looking forward to this trip. Exploring the nature of South-Korea, the food, and the people. After Advanced Technology I am thinking of joining the military, otherwise, I will do a master abroad. Perhaps in South-Korea

Nehal Mathur

Hi! My name is Nehal Mathur and I am a first-year master student studying Systems and Control at the University of Twente. I was born in India but moved to Germany when I was young. Since then, I’ve been traveling and relocating to new places, having never lived in one place longer than 5 years. Through this process, I have been able to experience various cultures and it has shaped me into a flexible international individual. Joining the SSA has enabled me to explore the work environment within companies and discover more of the world.

Jorg Wellink

Hello, my name is Jorg and I'm currently studying Mechanical Engineering. I have experience with manufacturing and product design (SolidWorks). I'm part of the acquisition committee and already guiding some cases. While driven to execute my own projects, I also make sure projects of others go well.

Rik Seelen

My name is Rik, and in the SSA I am part of the Acquisition Committee. Besides getting all the money we need for the trip, I am the current Chairman of Astatine, so being acquisition is a nice variation to my daily board functions. South Korea sounds awesome, although I have never thought of going there before. We will see I guess...

Freek Nijweide

My name is Freek Nijweide, I'm a third year AT student currently minoring in Computer Science. Next to this, I'm part of this year's RoboTeam Twente, where I do part-time software development for the AI of the robots.
I wanted to do something other than studying this year, such as traveling or learning a new language, and the SSA provides me with this opportunity, while also giving me hands-on work experience.