The organisation and financing of the studytrip requires a range of skills and monetary resources, for which all participating students will contribute both financially and by offering their skills to companies to complete cases. By conducting case studies and offering sponsoring possibilities the foundation hopes to create a beneficial experience for both the participating companies, as well as the engaged students.


A case study is a project facilitated by your company and is the way to complete challenging projects in your company by students. This case study will be solved by a small group of highly motivated and skilled participants. The group will be selected from the participants on the basis of their interests and skills. By facilitating a case study to our participants your company will form or reinforce the its ties with the students of Advanced Technology and with the University of Twente.

Study programme, Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology is a multidisciplinary technical BSc. program, which is unique to the University of Twente. The curriculum consists mainly of applied physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry and mathematics. There is also a business aspect, in which the students learn how to get new technologies to the market and how to write a professional business plan. The program is in its entirety taught in English as many international students take part.


The SSA offers various sponsorship arrangements aimed towards enhancing your company's brand awareness at the students of the University of Twente as well as to the university staff and other companies. If you are looking to motivate future graduates from the University of Twente to gain interest in your company then this might be your chance to let them know who you are.

Next to this, we have various different sponsorship deals aimed at increasing your brand awareness at the companies we will visit in South Korea. Furthermore, your sponsoring effort can directly reach the academic staff of the University, as our foundation will write a grand scale report about our journey, which will be read and evaluated by the University staff. Possibilities for sponsoring are numerous, for example advertising on our website or in the final report. Information booklets, packages or movies directly aimed at the participant of the journey are also within the scope of possibilities. If you are interested in a sponsorship, please contact us for more information.